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Someone broke the rules!

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Someone broke the rules! Empty Someone broke the rules!

Post  Admin Sun May 30, 2010 3:06 pm

Help! Help! Someone broke the rules!

What do I do!
Report them. Do not worry, you are not being a tatle tale! reporting them will make this site a safer, happier environment for all. Do not hesitate in reporting, the sooner you notify me the better. I do not care if you are their friends and you don't want to report them, do it anyway. I will personally take care of it for you. I will try to take care it as fast as i possible can. After you have reported them and I have taken care of it, if they continue to break a rule, report them again and PM me. I will take care you it. Three strikes and then their account will be banned and their IP address will be flagged.

How do I report a rule breaker?
At the very bottom of the page with a rule broken there is a button. It says "Report an abuse" it is at the bottom right hand corner. do NOT click on it! It reports the site, not the poster. PM me and label it "Rules" or something. If the same person breaks an other rule, PM me, and tell me it is the SECOND time. It will be handled. Even if it isn't a written rule, say someone has HORRID grammar skills, I will talk to them about it. There may not be anything I can do about it but I will make an effort.

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