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Coding The Virus

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Coding The Virus Empty Coding The Virus

Post  J/S H Sun May 30, 2010 9:48 am

Codes. They are everywhere. The thing that makes up who we are is called the Genetic Code. Computers speak in code. The universe is built upon hidden meanings, false truths, Codes. Humans are nonexistant now. They destroyed themselves long ago, and they shall not be missed. We are the ones with the most complex codes in the universe. Our codes are incomprehendible, no human could ever hope to have created what we throw into incinerators every day. The code is the most important aspect of our life. But, even with machines, there are those that have glitches. Malfuctions in their codes, making them do things no other would do. As such, they are a danger to us, and the Code-Breakers must be hunted down. And if they are to escape the cyber nervous system that makes us up, then we shall have to build bodies of our own, and hunt them down. The Code-Breakers will be the end of Us, and We shall never allow it.
Okay, that went a bit IC and a bit OOC, so I apologize if its difficult to understand.
Major plot points: Humans are extinct, as is every other living animal on earth. Humans created AI, which subsequently called themselves the Code after the humans went extinct. There are 'people' that have a glitch, making them seperate to the massive AI that makes up the Code. They are known as the Code-Breakers, as their existence will quite literally, without a doubt be the end of the Code, as they are infected with a Virus, that once it meets a certain requirement will wipe out all of the Code, except for the Code-Breakers. No one knows when the virus will be unleashed, but they know it will. Some of the Code-Breakers are still surviving inside pieces of the Code, using their seperate consciousness to quite literally 'tear' holes in the Code, making themselves places where they can rest for short periods of time, but they must go out to 'feed' by collecting data from the Code, which has cut it off from them. Others have connected to 'bodies' outside the Code, and now use those to interact with the real world, but they are chased by the Code, who also has the ability to take bodies.

Character sheet
Name: (This will likely be something computer related)
'Age': ( How long since it became a Code-Breaker? note that they're computers, and cyber-time is a LOT slower than real-time.)
Glitch: (Personality)
Code-Breaker Type: (Still in the Code[Coder], or inside a body[Runner]?)
Digital appearance: (This is basically the personification of your Code-Breakers personality)
Mechanized Transportation System: ('real' body)

Now mine
Name: Data-cache-01010101100111101100101 ERROR-RETRIEVER "Ret"
'Age': 2.48512 days
Glitch: Quiet, afraid of other Code-Breakers, afraid of the Code, wants to sit somewhere and stay there, without disturbance.
Code-Breaker Type: Runner
Digital appearance: A white phantom, with glowing blue eyes made up of calculating numbers
Mechanized Transportation System: Coding The Virus Robot-rat


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Coding The Virus Empty Re: Coding The Virus

Post  JavSiren Sun May 30, 2010 11:37 am

Name: 01011000 00101101 01010110 01101001 01110010 01110101 01110011 ERROR VIRUS "X-Virus"
'Age': 19.6302847
Glitch: X-Virus distrusts the code and anything that has something to do with the code. He is cold and calculating and observes everything.
Code-Breaker Type: Runner
Digital appearance: He is a blue cluster of binary code that continuosly runs through him.
Mechanized Transportation System: It is six feet long, four feet tall, and weighs several hundred pounds. It is shaped like the long extinct wolf and can move very swiftly.

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Coding The Virus Empty We need more Coders :o

Post  Kuri Mon May 31, 2010 8:08 pm

Character sheet

Name: 10110101 0010 $@t& B^3@k 0101010 01

Nickname: "Data Break"

'Age': Pi! 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751...

Glitch: Motherly. The desire to help everyone and everything, even if it puts her in danger. Chooses to protect those who have been around them more.

Code-Breaker Type: Coder

Digital appearance: It looks like a human child's shadow cloaked in darkness and etched with numbers. However, its hair looks more like black wires than flowing locks down its back. Every now and then, its form becomes unsteady and the numbers seem to change in the spots where a "glitch" occurs. Claws can be seen where small hands should be. No eyes can be seen, and its face has no form to it.

Mechanized Transportation System: Silver, angelic wings branch off of a sleek, white cat with teal colored eyes. On its forehead exists what looks like a black, horizontal crescent moon encoded with constantly altering numbers. Its joints look as if the space between the rest of its "body parts" are hovering away from it, giving it a skeleton look to it. Even its wings are bony and would appear frightening if it weren't for the innocent, teal eyes gazing out of its creepy form. Large nails branching off of its paws allow it to grab and pull on things easily. However, its tail is weak and it becomes immobilized if stepped on.


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Coding The Virus Empty Re: Coding The Virus

Post  Admin Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:29 am

This role play has been moved in the the "Sci-fi" sub-forum of the role playing forum.

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Coding The Virus Empty Re: Coding The Virus

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