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Role playing 101

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Role playing 101 Empty Role playing 101

Post  Admin Sun May 30, 2010 2:46 pm

Role Playing 101

What is role playing?
Role playing is basically the writing of a book / story with many authors. The Host / creator of the role play writes the beginning post which sets the plot, setting, exc. Each author creates their own character(s) by filling out a Character Sheet(s). An author could have one or many character, only the creator of the character can control that one character. The characters interact with each other and this forms a story.

Ex: A1 writes: Sally Joe gave Bobby Bill a sweet smile. Little did she know she had a piece of corn stuck in between her teeth.
A2 writes: Bobby Bill watched Sally Joe make a fool of herself while she smiled with corn still in her teeth. He pointed at her a laughed harshly.

Now, roleplays are more in details then this, that was only a silly example. If you catch my drift please, go check out some of the on going topics. Of you still do not entirely get what it is continue reading. You may ask, Role playing? Is this some weird sex forum? NO! Far from it. This role playing has NOTHING to do with the kinky fetish of dressing in costumes or pretending to be someone else during sex, if you thought / hoped / wanted it to be a weird sex forum, please, take your kinky little self and get off my site. No, I'm just joking. (Not reallyyy...) This is a clean, there will be no cybering or sexting. Their can be mild relationships during roleplays, if it goes any farther TAKE IT TO YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL OR SOMETHING not on my site. Now if that cleared up what roleplaying is, go take a look around, if not read on to other categories.

How to start off
Step one: Read the ENTIRE first post by host. If you do not understand the plot / setting / character sheet / exc PM the host.
Step two: Read through authors that have already posted their characters to get a idea on what you want yours to be like.
Step three: The host will post a "character sheet" or "character skeleton" it will look something like this (host made add or remove something parts of it)
Character Skeleton/Sheet
Fill this out.
Step four: Make sure with the host it is OK before you do this step. Make your first post.

Your character
How do I make my character? Copy the character sheet the host has written up. Click on "post reply" then paste the character sheet in the box. Fill out the character sheet with a lot of description, do NOT get lazy on this part.

Ex: (from
Name: Amethyst
Age: 28 yrs
Personality: Overall Amethyst is quite, shy, and a timid girl. She hides behind Yuki much of the time. She isn't one to speak out or start a fight. If she is presented with a challenge though, she will take it in a heartbeat. Nothing is better then taking a challenge and going on an adventure, she takes odd jobs so she can take Yuki and set out across the vast lands. She is as equally fearful as she is brave. During a dragon battle Amethyst can be as brave as Yuki is himself, though if she is not along side Yuki she can be a little scaredy-cat. Amethyst is the hardest person to befriend, she doesn't trust easily, and even once you gain a little of her trust she doesn't share her thoughts, fears, or feelings so getting to know her is a treacherous task. Though Amethyst is hard to become good friends with she has a heart of gold. She is very sweet and kind to all the creatures of Alagesia and it's people, although most people despise her because she is forsworn. Also, she is a stubborn bull, she accepts help from no one, and if you help her anyway that's one way to get on her upset with you. She even doesn't take to much help from Yuki. Even if it is impossible for her to do it alone she will try and try and try and then try again before she even THINKS about getting help. She has always be an independent girl and likes it that way.
Appearance: [ Picture Link ] OR you can write.
Amethyst silky hair falls straight until her upper back, then it bounces in an arch, giving her hair a slight bell shape to it, stopping at her mid-back. From the back Amethyst's long flowing hair hides her slim light figure. Above her bangs Amethyst wears a black head band that has thin ribbons tied in loose bows at the sides. Her slight V cut bangs stop barely above her eyes, making her ghostly eyes stand out even more. Her piercing eyes give most people mega goosebumps, her pale eyes give her the appearance that she is looking not at you, but straight through you and right into you. Almost like she can see past your intentions and right into your soul. This is why most people avoid looking in to Amethyst's blank dead eyes. She has a slightly rounded face with smooth skin, free off freckles or blemishes, her entire body is this way. Her body frame is slender and nimble, appearing a little fragile. Around her thin neck Amethyst has a black lace choker. In the middle of this black choker dangling by a black chain is a stone. The stone is a rich, dark, pure, purple...Amethyst. Her shoulder are rounded and small, not very wide. She has rather short torso with hardly visible curves and long lanky legs. She wears a tight smoggy light gray tank top with ruffles, rips, tears and appears loose towards the bottom, her pants are a jean shorts that stop right above her knees, the left leg has a tear that has been sewn back together, held up by a brown belt cover in scratches and marks. At her waist is a small round bell that Yuki listens for if he can't find her. around her right arm she has a wrapped white bandage, on the other arm she has a mark shaped in a swirling pattern. On her left wrist Amethyst has a solid black bracelet and a solid white bracelet. Leaning slightly sideways on her back is her sword, strapped to her by a black hostler, the belt crosses over the front of her chest and has a small pocket on the front. On the back of the case it has a silver chain design wrapping around the hostler in a X pattern.
Bio:As a young child Amethyst always would crawl away from her parents and venture off, causing her parents to panic, but they would always find her with a creature that she would be clinging on to. She wasn't a fussy baby, but if you took her away from her animals or creatures she would cry up a storm. Once she could waddle around in her little toddler shoes Amethyst would wander off father then she ever had, and find larger creatures in greater distances, this scared her parents to death. Even at a young age Amethyst was fascinated with Ra'Zasc and Lethrblakas, often getting into trouble with them. Once she started to get older though and more mature she wouldn't wander off as much, she would stay home and help her mother while her father went out and worked. Though in her teen years she spent most of her time at home with her mother she loved her father so much more. She would wait on their dusty porch with her bow and arrow in hand for her farther to come home and take her through the woods hunting. One scoring summer day when they were hunting a horde of Urgals began to attack her and her farther, this was when Amethyst was turning sixteen, the brutal creatures were trying to destroy a giant piece of charcoal her and her farther were going to use to heat their house in the winter. Kayo, her farther, told Amethyst to take the egg and run. Egg? This all clicked in her head, her farther told her it was coal so she would carry it and hatch the egg in the middle of Urgal territory, He always thought she was a rider because of her passion for animals, he thought she was going to be a rider so he trained her in hunting so she could fight, everything made since now. She snatched up the egg and ran and ran, until her legs felt like rubber and the egg felt like an anvil weight in her arms. She finally reached her house and burst through the door calling for her mom. She shoved everything of the kitchen table to the floor and sat the egg on the table. Her and her farther had found a mid-night egg. After she had settled the egg on the table she raced back into the forrest to go protect her father from the Urgals. By the time she got their her father was gone, the urgals had bludgeoned him to death. She started to run, just run away from everything, but she clasped at the base of a massive oak tree and just cried herself to sleep there. In the morning she was woken by a husky voice Get up. she jolted awake to see no one. again a raspy voice spoke Get up. You are in danger. Amethyst realized this voice was in her head...had she gone crazy? Amethyst heard the snarls of Urgals beginning to get closer to her, they were going to kill her just like her father! Then a young large dragon burst through the branches and towered in front of her and let out a mighty roar. A dark green dragon, almost black was in front of her. The egg! This was the first time she had seen a dragon up close. Yuki's large growl scared off all the urgals. Ever since Yuki and amethyst have been inseparable.

Now your character sheet doesn't have to be nearly this long, make a paragraph at least. Put forth an effort please. Don't do a shoddy job like:

Name: Billy
Age: 12
Personality: a redneck hill billy. He likes to laugh. He's dumb.
Appearance: [ picture link ] or brown hair. brown eyes. 5"8.
Bio: Grew up on a farm his whole life.

I only wrote a little. Need more help? Think I should write more for noobs? Write a comment in the suggestion box.

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